Monday, December 04, 2006

Blizzard Conditions

Here in the Midwest, we've recently experienced a blizzard, and it got me thinking...
If you have a stronghold, winter conditions might actually be preferable for weathering the zombie uprising. Of course this is contingent on several additional survival needs (besides the usual food and water). A heat source is crucial (as well as all the necessities of a heat source, such as ventilation), a means to travel in the snow (i.e. snowshoes, a sled, etc), and some other things which I can't immediately think of.

The reason that snow might be beneficial is its effect of dead tissue. Since zombies don't have the power to generate heat, either through the body temperature or through the ability to create and manage fire. So on days like today, the zombies would freeze within a matter of hours. A frozen zombie is fairly benign, while I'm sure it is still very possible to get infected by a frozen zombie; it is far less likely. With the aid of a strong projectile (such as a gun), or an axe and some elbow grease, a frozen zombie can be dispatched relatively quickly, with no fear of zombies surrounding you. Not to mention, the mess factor. A frozen zombie won't splatter everywhere.

In conclusion, there are definitely some drawbacks to running a anti-zombie operation in freezing temperatures. However, the positives are very much worth consideration.


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