Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wii zombie fighting?

Slash, it's really good to hear from you. I figured that you had upped your survival training to the next level, and created a fortress on a previously deserted island, and were possibly developing some sort of self-sustaining energy source, while also seeking a vaccine for the zombie virus... or maybe that's just my dream. Still, I'm glad to hear that you're still fighting the good fight.

In other news, I finally got a chance to play around with the new Nintendo Wii tonight. After my complaints about Dead Rising, I think that the Wii might be a much better training simulation for fighting the undead menace. Of course, nothing takes the place of actual weapons training, and hand-to-hand combat training, but this might be the closest system yet. Although maybe it's just the adrenaline talking from totally beating a series of friends at Wii Boxing.
Still, if they come out with a Wii zombie game, I'll be very interested.

As far as real-life training goes... I just learned a series of new choke holds. Of course, since zombies don't breathe, I'm not sure how much use my new knowledge will be. I'm trying to figure out how to turn a choke hold into a neck snap (which after the spinal cord is severed will lead to the inevitable head stomp).


Blogger Slash said...

use the choke hold to disable the inevitable roving gangs of thugs. remember, zombies are only PART of the menace of a post necropalyptic world.

1:53 AM  
Blogger Psyko_soldier said...

Just make sure a shard of zombie skull dosent go through your ninja boot's and cut your foot...with the greatest concentration of the virus being in the brain it could lead to an easy infection

11:36 AM  
Anonymous wozgog said...

Excellent point psyko_soldier. I think all the currently prevailing views on head stomps need to be seriously reconsidered. As well as the zombie-skull-shard-hazard, there's the brain-splatter-pattern to worry about. It would be a shame if one's triumphant stomp propelled a globule of infected matter right up one's nostril.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Psyko_soldier said...

Wow...i dident think of the nostril part..perhap's some sort of mask or something should be worn? it would certainly prevent that...though i wouldent suggest anything that obscured vision like the cliche gas mask

2:04 PM  
Anonymous hairdo-pancakes said...

To prevent the inhalation of possibly zombie contaminated matter I suggest a respirator. While designed to protect against particulate inhalation, they offer full protection of the mouth and nose from foreign matter. I am partial to this type of respirator as it allows full range of vision (even if you wear glasses) and mobility while wearing:
Good luck zombie head stomping!!

7:08 PM  
Anonymous hairdo-pancakes said...

here's a link some of you might find useful for practice:

8:56 PM  

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