Thursday, December 28, 2006


One of the more effective weapons in Dead Rising (at least, early on in the game) is the sledge hammer. Since I've never handled a sledge hammer before I thought I should give it a try. Here is my official conclusion on their effectiveness:

1. Too Heavy. Even the lightest of the bunch (eight pounds) would quickly wear down even the most strongest of zombie hunters. The extreme weight negates aim. As we all know, aim is essential; if you can't hit your target, no amount of force is going to make a difference. In addition, it would make travel difficult.

2. Too Big (but not big enough). The extra foot or so that differentiates a hammer handle from a sledge handle, makes no difference in the sledge as a ranged weapon. Unlike a Bo or a staff, which could effectively dispatch a zombie from a relatively safe distance of about five feet, the leverage required to wield a sledge essentially destroys any distance advantage you may have had.

3. Too Slow. Speed is one of the biggest advantages that we (as humans) have over the zombies. The rate at which it takes to swing seriously cuts down on this advantage. As you are picking off zombies with your overweight bludgeon, more could swarm. And, as we know, the zombies' advantage lies in its numbers.

If you want a bludgeon, a hammer would be a better weapon. It really doesn't take that much force to crack a skull (thus destroying the brain), and the hammer serves a functional purpose (moreso than the sledge).
I encourage real-life handling of any potential weapons. It gives a real feel for how the weapon will handle. Incidentally, I am no longer allowed in Farm N' Fleet.


Anonymous hairdo-pancakes said...

As far as hammers go, I strongly recommend any framing hammer. A framing hammer would by far be your best weapon of choice in hammer-type blugeon device. Most framing hammers weigh about 20oz or more and have fairly long handles. They are usually very durable and once you get the hang of using one, your arm doesn't get tired too quickly. Some have a magnetic head with a place for framing nails (16 or 8 penny) to be placed without holding it with your fingers. This might be helpful with zombies... in theory you could place a framing nail in the hammer and quite quickly deliver it into the skull of a zombie, but if you don't have time for that, the hammer itself is very painful.
Framing Hammer I Recommend

6:41 PM  
Anonymous die trying said...

personally i'd go with an estwing builder series framing hammer. with a 25 ounce head, long 18 inch length, and solid steel construcion this tool is not only an effective skull cracker its nearly indestructable too!

1:32 PM  

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