Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Escape to LA

I'll be doing some research in Los Angeles for the next three weeks. Given that it has been the site of a post-apocalyptic dystopia in a number of films (and an episode of Futurama), I wonder if there is some secret knowledge to be gained there as to how to handle the apocalypse. Or if there is simply something that makes it ripe for an apocalyptic event?

I'm also planning on bringing my training regimen there. I've stuck to my resolution building endurance via jogging (I know it's only been a few days, and hardly noteworthy), and I plan on continuing to build my endurance there. The change in surroundings should elevate my surveillance and observation levels. Weapons will probably have to take a back seat, but it will force me to look for potential tools in my environment.

So any suggestions or recommendations for training or research in LA?


Anonymous hairdo-pancakes said...

I friend and I were discussion what sort of vehicle would be the best to drive during the forthcoming apocalypse. I believed that a Hummer would work well. My friend was more interested in a monster truck sort of vehicle. In hindsight the monster truck might work really well because it would allow you to be positioned very high above the zombies. What is your take on best vehicle for movement during a Zombie uprising? You might have already covered this, but I'm still interested.

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