Friday, December 29, 2006

Hammers Continued

Nice hammer, hairdo-pancakes!
I have very little experience with framing hammers, but it looks like it would work splendidly. The added nail is a nice touch, however, probably unnecessary. After penetrating the skull, the damage done by the hammer should be sufficient enough to fell a zombie. Think of it like smashing a really big egg.
I think the only consistent point of weakness on any tool like a hammer or a hatchet is the point where the handle joins with the business end. I'm not sure that there is any easy solution to this problem. A solid construction hammer would probably be too heavy to wield, and duct tape can only fix so much. So perhaps the best idea is to invest in a well-constructed, reinforced hammer, such as the one hairdo-pancakes suggested.
I still like the idea of carrying bladed weapons, but the additional usefulness, as well as the practical side, would make carrying a hammer well worth the additional weight. Plus, a hammer can be one of those weapons you can carry with you in a pre-apocalyptic state without violating any laws (unless you're boarding an airplane). After all, that's what those hammer-loops in your pants are for.


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