Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My triumphant return

I have boldly returned to my fortress in Wisconsin. The snow is about a foot deep, and it's cold enough to freeze zombies after significantly slowing them down. I am currently reconsidering my fence plans after my observations in California. While it would be difficult to erect a fence presently, I think I will start drawing up plans for a fence to install in the fall. In the meantime I will have to maintain my heightened vigilance.

One thing that has become painfully clear since my return is my dependence on constructed time. By "constructed time", I refer to the times designated "sleep" and "awake", as predetermined by time zone. It took me over a week to adjust to the two hour difference upon my arrival in Los Angeles. I still have not adjusted to Central time since my return. This could be a negative or a positive after the necropalypse. On one hand, you need to be flexible, and able to readjust your schedule to fit the environmental demands. On the other hand, theoretically, I could switch to a nocturnal schedule (when zombies are most active), and once re-calibrated, live that way indefinitely. I think the former is probably favorable when the dead rise.

Winter advice of the day: An icicle might make for a really cool de-brainer in a pinch


Blogger Slash said...

Despite what you see in movies, icicles are really slippery. I think it would be pretty tough to push one into a zombie's brain, even through the ocular canal.

Just a thought.

6:50 PM  
Blogger Rens said...

I was de-icicling my porch, and I was impressed with the weight and sharpness of the icicles. They're definitely not the ideal weapon, but if you're wearing some of those grippy-gloves, it might work...
Of course, a real zombie hunter is never without a real weapon.

10:26 PM  

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