Thursday, January 18, 2007

La Brea Tar Pits

After visiting the La Brea Tar Pits, I was wondering if this may be an ideal area to set up a zombie resistance stronghold. Obviously, the tar pits have proved to be a death trap for several thousand years... why wouldn't they work against zombies? However, tar pits do fall into that category of, "if it's dangerous to zombies, it's dangerous to humans". Yet, with some care and preparation, the tar pits could be an effective defense.

Cool-headedness is extremely important when dealing with zombies (or any other extreme situation, for that matter). It is this quality which would make the tar pits work for you. Zombies aren't going to be able to assess the danger associated with the tar pits and circumvent the threat; they will attempt to traverse the shortest route to their prey, though. By exploiting this inclination (and not panicking), it is possible to destroy large populations of zombies in one fell swoop. Moreover, if you built your stronghold nearby, you are essentially eliminating a possible inlet for a threat.

As always, there are some potential drawbacks (most obvious being the chances of getting caught in the tar yourself). Other drawbacks include the area in which the tar pits reside. While being slightly hilly, the terrain doesn't provide any other deterrents; it's gentle slopes appealing to the zombies' clumsy nature. In addition, the tar pits are located in a surprisingly urban area. Large populations equal a large potential for zombies, and in-fighting amongst the human resistance.

So proceed with caution... and prepare, prepare, prepare!


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