Friday, May 26, 2006

St Louis

I am currently in St. Louis. As I discussed earlier this week, varying terrain is an excellent way to prepare tactically for the zombie invasion. This trip has given me the chance to apply different strategies, and attack situations. On a side note, the Arch is a terrible defensive location. Very exposed and an extreme fire hazard.

Regarding the mosquito question: Mosquitos only feed on living tissue, so they most likely would not dine on the shambling undead. Regardless, every living creature instinctually avoids the zombie menace, including mosquitos. Even if they did ingest the Solanum virus, it would kill them before they could transfer it. So, in conclusion, luckily, the mosquitos remain a mere nuisance, rather than a deadly threat.


Anonymous Slash said...

I've been to St. Louis. I think dodging muggers and panhandlers is probably an excellent addition to the survival fitness cross training.

11:41 AM  

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