Monday, May 15, 2006

Short Hair

I love my short hair, however, I think it can be longer than 1" and still be safe from zombies. Not much longer, of course. I will try growing it out to 1.5" and then have several "grab tests" to see if this is a plausible haircut. I'm thinking something like this:

This is the cop from Silent Hill (the movie not the game) I thought her hair was cool and could translate to zombie fighting. I have not yet played the game, however, I am looking into video games as a training method. When I played Doom 3, I noticed that I had heightened senses and quicker reactions, and I was on the lookout for monsters. That's where the strafing around corners (in my humble everyday life) began... and I've never looked back (except to check for monsters).

I had the most kick-ass work out today:
30 minutes "Total Body Interval" increased resistance(3)
1/4 mile walk
2 mile run (holy shit)
1/2 mile cooldown
20 minutes on weights

I wanted to kick someone's ass right then and there just to prove that I could.

Slash made another excellent observation about desirable personality traits. I know I will certainly have to work on that stoic calmness attitude. I think the horror from zombie menace may provide the grounding that I need to maintain that serious attitude.


Anonymous Slash said...

I would recommend Half Life 2 for video game training. It has all sorts of combat, including combat with zombie type monsters, but it also includes some vehicular combat as well. Oh, and a place called Ravenholme will scare the poop out of you.

On the hair topic: I personally think that you are much more likely to be grabbed by your clothes than by your hair. I, for one, will take the opportunity afforded by the necropalypse to finally just grow my hair out. You know, since I won't have to have a job any more. Perhaps I will hide it under my shirt while fighting zombies.

However, the dominatrix/policewoman from Silent Hill did have a very flattering haircut. So, even aesthetically, it works. If you can survive the zombie attack, AND look good doing it, I think you win.

12:48 PM  
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