Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Zombie Dream

My Zombie Dream:
I was working with a small group of people in a post-post-apocalyptic state (after the brunt of the zombie menace, humans have survived, but the zombies still roam), when we happened upon a small group of zombies. Everyone I was with was all "Oh no, what do we do?" and I'm like, "Let me handle this, I've had training". Then there was some brain smashing. I was victorious. Then something about a pet hamster... and it all kind runs together.

Today's Training:
40 minutes on "Total Body Interval"
1/2 mile walk

I definitely have to step up the resistance on the elliptical machine. I need to know that I can escape the zombie invasion no matter what the terrain or incline.

Food Today:
Good. I've stopped keeping exact track of what I am eating... at least, for this week. This is a trial run of food tracking.

The Hitchhiker's Guide might be onto something about always having a towel.


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