Thursday, April 27, 2006


Chainsaws have been popularized in zombie films as a handy weapon. Evil Dead I & II and Army of Darkness are one series of examples. Of course, Ash was fighting Deadites, and not true zombies, but Bruce Campbell is dreamy, so I'll forgive him for convoluting the popular image of the zombie.
However, the chainsaw is ineffective on many levels. As pointed out in the Zombie Survival Guide: it is large and unwieldy; it requires fuel to run; it is just as likely to injure the wielder than the vicitm- a fact demonstrated in Dawn of the Dead (of course Mr. Campbell circumvented this fate by using the chainsaw as a prosthetic arm); and it's extremely (dramatic) loud rumble is sure to attract more of the living dead (pages 37-38, "Power Tools"). So spare yourself the impending, accident, dismemberment, and back trouble, and go with a lightweight, easy to wield, non-fueled weapon, like the proverbial Machete.

The usual:
1 cup of muesli
1 cup of milk
2 bananas
1/2 cup of trail mix
1 apple
1 slice of banana bread
1 Tuscan noodle dish (it was really good!)
1/2 chocolate chip cookie

40 minutes on the elliptical ("Cross training 3")
1/2 mile run
1/2 mile walk

Advice of the Day: Just because zombies don't have higher reasoning skills, do not EVER underestimate what they are capable of.


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