Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Weapons Consideration

I feel that I should obtain at least one weapon soon, in case the zombie menace closes in sooner than expected. Since I have yet to fire a real gun (BB guns don't count), perhaps a gun is not the best first weapon. I'm thinking I'm going to get something in the way of a bladed weapon. I haven't yet had my martial arts training, so a katana is out of the question for now. I'd probably be more likely to hurt myself than a zombie with a katana. A machete is a very appealing choice for me. Shorter than a katana, It should prove easier to wield without self injury, plus it is Brooks' top choice for a bladed weapon for novices (pg. 34). So I am in the market for a machete...

I guess my statement about having one weapon is unfounded, because I do keep a crowbar in my trunk. However, at 18" long, it is kind of heavy, and I have a feeling that I would not be as accurate as I would need to be. Perhaps I should practice on a "dummy" zombie until I get my machete. In the meantime, "Captain Pryey" can serve many other useful purposes should the army of the undead threaten. I have a feeling that breaking into secure places may be a priority in order to find shelter.

Food and Training:

1 cup muesli
1 cup milk
1 banana
1 16oz Smoothie
3/4 trail mix
1 hard-boiled egg
1 vegetable pita
1 cup of french fries

30 minutes on "Cross Country 3". This consists of a variety of inclines which is very practical in the field. However, this workout was tough, I was only able to do 2.6 miles (in the allotted time) versus my normal 2.9.

Advice of the Day: The best weapon is a balance between accuracy and force.


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