Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I'm starting to feel like I have the physical training a little more under control. I am definitely in much better shape... I don't get tired going up stairs, or when I practice sprinting from the undead.
It's getting close to the time to start some offensive training. I want to wait until I am a little more physically fit (again, provided that I will not have to engage with the zombie faction for atleast a couple of months). Right now, I am planning on taking a karate class over the summer, because as Master Brooks says, "Study and master atleast one martial art" (pg. 30). Granted one does not want to participate in a hand-to-hand combat situation with a zombie, however, should the situation arise, one would be very grateful for the training.

Food and Training:

1 cup of muesli
1 cup of milk
1 banana
1 apple
1/2 cup raw trail mix
3 slices of pizza (leftovers from last night)
1 pack of Florida's Natural Juice Nuggets (orange)

30 minutes on "Total Body Interval" on the elliptical machine, and a half-mile cool down walk.

Advice of the Day: Despite their diminished mental capacity, the undead will immediately recognize the living, so imitating zombies to move amongst their midst does NOT work.


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