Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Karate.... not yet.

I tried to sign up for Karate today. It's a summer session which starts on May 21st and goes through August. Apparently, my preparation for the zombie menace is a little too anticipatory. Sign-up is not available for at least 2 more weeks. I explained that this martial arts training is critical, and signing up is the first step towards attaining this very important, zombie disabling skill. The girl at the counter just told me to come back later. Hopefully, the class will not fill up too quickly in response to the impending zombie threat.
I hesitate to begin learning martial arts on my own. These are skills which require training, and most of all correction. If I begin, there will be no corrective element, mostly likely causing me to learn manuevers improperly, and having not only to re-learn, but also de-learn. This will take valuable preparation time which could be used to further my skills. I will hold off until I can attend a class with a professional, master karate person (hopefully, part of the training will be about the proper title for the big karater teacher).
In the meantime, I will continue my search for elements of my arsenal.

1 cup of muesli
1 cup of milk
1 apple
1 fruit leather (cherry)
1/2 cup of trail mix
1 16 oz. smoothie (Starburst- not the candy, mostly mango and banana)
1 veggie burger with cheese
3 small corns on the cob (approx. 3/4 cup of corn)

40 minutes on the "Total Body Interval" elliptical machine setting.
1/2 mile walk

Link of the Day:
Zombie Action Figures
For those who cannot afford My Pet Zombies, terror on a smaller scale.


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