Friday, April 21, 2006

Zombie Beheading

If you cut off a zombie's head, this will not kill it. I was thinking about this for the better part of the day...
It still seems like a good idea because:
1)Severing the head immobilizes the body. Zombie anatomy is human anatomy and they too need the connection from brain to extremity to convey movement. The body is the primary dangerous part of the zombie, as it is what grabs and holds.
2)The neck is structurally weak spot on the body. The brain is encased in a hard bone shell, whereas the spinal cord is not completely encased in the vertebrae, it is not solid bone and therefore has a weaker core structure allowing for easier access to the spinal column.
3)Once the head is removed this should make piercing the skull in order to damage the brain simpler. A singular head is not a very mobile target, which should allow for more precise aim (say through the eye socket)necessitating less strength from the zombie hunter. This method is also less likely to break the weapon being used.

There are several things to remember with the above scenario...
1)This method requires a cutting weapon. If your primary weapon is a bludgeon, or if your blade is dull, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS MANEUVER.
2)This method is best when applied to a single zombie. When faced with a large number of zombies, different measures must be taken to ensure survival. As this method is rather time consuming, it would most likely result in a fatality (and consequent zombieism).
3)Despite the removal of the head from the body, the head is still quite dangerous on its own. Its compromised state may allow for overconfidence on the part of the hunter, which in turn, may allow the zombie to strike unexpectedly.
4)This method may prove practical in allowing novice hunters to become desensitized to the horrors of zombie killing. However, as always, novices should also be supervised by a more qualified individual.

Onto my efforts:

1 cup of muesli
1 cup of milk
2 bananas
1 apple
pasta with parmesan
2 pieces of french bread with butter
1/2 cup of nut mix
2 bites of a croissant

Hardcore today!
40 minutes on the "Total Body Interval" mode on the elliptical machine.
Jogged for 1/2 mile
Walked for 1/2 mile
Weight Training (upper body focus)

Advice of the Day: Destroy, don't think. Overthinking takes up valuable zombie slaughtering time.


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