Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sloth Be Damned

This is a much needed re-evaluation in terms of the events from last Saturday:

The zombie menace could strike at any moment, so preparation is essential.

Though, I am tired... weary of exercise, mentally stressed from overloading on zombie information, I must continue on. It is only a little over a month since I started my training. While I am not the hardcore, cold, detached zombie-killing machine that I wish to be, I am certainly closer to my goal.

My fence hiking triumph last week has proven to me that I have made progress. There have been several other recent events which have demonstrated advancement of physical abilities. Also, my thinking processes have changed. I now evaluate any setting for means of escape and potential weapons. My gas tank is always full, and I'm always carrying water. I have even started dreaming about zombies...

Never Give In, Never Give Up!

Today's Progress:
30 minutes on "Total Body Interval"
1 mile walk with the dogs (resistence training)

Food Intake:
No specifics, but good and healthy


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