Saturday, May 13, 2006

5/12/06 A day late...

Ok... Some significant things happened yesterday, and I didn't get a chance to post about them.
1) I finally managed to register for my local Karate class... Finally... It starts towards the end of May. I am looking forward to a whole new line of defense!
2) I went machete shopping at my local hunting supply store. The selection was most dissappointing. They only had one machete, which was labeled, "machete/axe", which doesn't even make sense since it was clearly a machete. The only required feature that it possessed was the D-shaped handle, it did not have the proper finish, length, or construction. Plus it was blister-packaged, so I couldn't even get a feel for how it handled.

On a side note, the visit to the hunting supply store was very amusing since it was obvious I did not belong there. I got a few strange looks. One teenage salesman tried to help me, but was quickly called back by his boss. It may have been because my prey was the shambling undead, not quail or other somesuch, or it may have been because I did not have a mullet, and was not dressed in any sports paraphanelia.

I think I will have better luck at a military surplus store, or possibly some militia based operation.

Exercise (5/12/06)
30 minutes "total body interval"
1/4 mile cooldown
1.5 mile run
1/2 mile cooldown
20 minutes on weights (mostly upper body)

In response to Slash's continued carefully articulated comments (much appreciated, btw):
I have looked into stunt driving courses, because I figure a lot of the same manuevers overlap. However, they are seriously out of my price-range (when such money could be better used for supplies and other more practical training). In addition, I have a general mistrust of vehicles because of their dependence on gasoline, and comparative lack of manueverability. I am looking into taking motorcycle lessons. The decrease in defensive covering is more than made up for in agility, manueverability, gas mileage, and terrain ability. I do not yet own a motorcycle, but I may comandeer one when the zombie menace arises.


Anonymous Slash said...

I think motorcycles also have the added advantage of being the mode of transport most often used by the 'main character'. If you intend to survive a zombie attack, being the main character is a great advantage. Other main character traits: Be quiet, yet smart when you speak. Don't have sex with any other (current) survivors. Have romantic tension with one (current) survivor. Try to save everyone. Fail a lot. Have a lot of angst about those you couldn't save.

I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them right now.

1:44 PM  

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