Thursday, May 11, 2006


Slash mentioned Katanas in his comment on the last post, and I feel this is something that needs to be addressed. I too mourn the loss of his katana, as it would most certainly prove to be a valuable weapon in his hands, however, the katana is not for everyone.

I personally feel that a katana in my hands would be a bad idea. I have not (yet) had the proper martial arts training to wield such an elegant weapon. Moreover, 3 feet of hair splicing steel would more likely injure me than a zombie (probably in some poorly planned Kill Bill recreation).

The katana is an excellent weapon... for those who can manage its skull slicing glory. It is lightweight, incredibility strong, extremely sharp, and not to mention stylish. The major drawback (other than training) is availability. While in this zombie-free state, it is possible to do the proper amount of research necessary to purchase a practical, effective weapon. The quality of the weapon may prove to be problematic when rushed to purchase a weapon, as most katanas are show-pieces and not intended to be used (as effectively demonstrated in Blood: the Last Vampire).

In conclusion, if you choose to use a katana:
1. Practice, practice, practice
2. Make sure your weapon is actually a weapon and not a decorative piece.
3. Combine steps 1 & 2: You may be able to persuade your local funeral home to allow you to practice on some corpses, in order to test your blade.

Workout today:
30 minutes increased resistance on "total body interval"
1/4 mile walk cool down
1 mile jog
1/2 mile walk cool down

Advice of the Day: It is never too early to start strafing around corners.


Anonymous Slash said...

Thanks for the excellent safety advice. I still practice, but now I use a length of pipe that is just about the same length and weight my Katana was. A little duct tape wrapped around the lower end serves well as a grip. In a pinch, I suppose a zombie could be head bonked with it, but it still seems less effective than a cutting edge.

Have you considered defensive driving courses? So often zombie attacks are shown in and around cars, or people attempting to flee in cars. It is astonishing how often those people crash their car in their haste to escape, and then are eaten messily, sometimes after having been cooked nicely in a gasoline explosion.

I'm not sure where one goes to sign up for zombie evasion defensive driving classes though.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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