Friday, May 19, 2006

House Concerns, Other Concerns

Here is a picture of my box fort (it's in cramped quarters, so not the best pic:

It probably won't withstand a zombie attack, but I can dream.

Slash, you had some great suggestions in your last comment about additional necessary rooms. To those, I would like to add: bomb shelter with adequate supplies (incase the government's reaction involving some sort of bombing, not as a direct defense against the zombie menace), and a complex network of tunnels with secret surface exits. Don't worry, I've already sent an email to my real estate agent requesting these provisions.

Finally, the bad news:
I apparently have high cholesterol. I had a doctor appt. yesterday for this final test recommended by the nurse that did my physical. Here are the results:

Cholesterol Level- 250
LDL - 149
HDL - 83
Trigylcerides - 91

I'm not exactly sure how this fits in the "bad" range, other than it's not bad enough that I have to be hospitalized. However, it does present the problem of heart attacks during the zombie uprising. Needless to say, I don't want that to happen. This means I will have to be even more constrictive with my diet. So I had one last, final, over-fried sugary binge for dinner tonight with the knowledge that, from here on out, I will probably only be eating vegetables.

Also, I had a new zombie nightmare last night. This one was probably a much more realistic representation of the events following the zombie invasion. I was pretty much helpless, no weapons, scared, and everyone I cared about had been turned. This "vision" of the future, has lead me to up my mental training in order to better be prepared.

Advice of the Day: Exploding Hearts are not a good thing. Whether it be as a consequence of high cholesterol or a zombie ripping it out of your chest.


Anonymous Slash said...

Growing older sucks.

I had to make some lifestyle changes when my cholesterol hit 170.

Changing also sucks.

12:24 PM  

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