Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Erratic Posting

I wish that I could say that my erratic postings as of late are due to advanced zombie defense training, however, they are not. Due to an accumulation of moving, training, and laziness (which is sure to get me killed), I haven't been posting as regularly as before. I apologize.

I want to reassure everyone that I still am preparing for the zombie menace every day. I will try with renewed effort to post on my strategies and zombie-related thoughts on a daily basis.

Today's Efforts:
I am attending Karate again today (now that my muscles have had a little time to recover). On a practical note I learned some punching techniques last week which will eventually come in very handy. At this point, however, it is extremely important to note that my Karate "skills" are more likely to hurt than help. As Slash observed previously, martial arts require a lifetime of practice.
I may work out afterwards, as stamina is crucial.
I am also planning on grocery shopping in an attempt to decipher what is practical foodstuffs for life in the necropalypse. (Canned beans may be a little heavy, but they also have valuable nutrients).

Advice of the Day: Make sure you know which friends you can trust after the zombie uprising. There's nothing worse than being done in by a supposed "pal".


Anonymous Slash said...

I would add to that advice: Make sure you can shoot even your dearest pal in the face with a shotgun, should he/she be infected with the virus. Too many initial survivors fall when confronted with an undead loved one. Inability to accept the reality of your former friend's horrible transformation will lead to them dining on your liver.

4:06 PM  

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