Friday, June 09, 2006

Car Demolished!

So the reason I didn't post yesterday is because I was involoved in a car accident. I rear-ended a mini-van and it was pushed into a small 4-door. Absolutely terrifying. This is my first accident. I completely demolished the front end of my car. My airbags went off (which is the equivalent to being punched in the face). Luckily, no one was seriously injured. I feel awful, since I wish no ill will towards non-zombies, and the lady I hit was really scared. Not a pleasant experience, not the way I wanted to end my week.

I'm black and blue all over (pictures to come). My "elbows of death" are ok, but I thought I broke my foot mashing it into the brake pedal, but it's mostly ok, just really swollen and bruised. I have the x-rays to prove it. Bruises where the seat belt was. My nose was bleeding everywhere and is swollen and starting to turn colors, and everything else is sore. I am extremely thankful that I was wearing a seat belt (which I always do... but this just goes to show how important they are).

The way I figure, this whole incidient lends credibility to Max Brook's pushing bikes as the best mode of transportation in a zombie-ridden world. I am pretty sure that my car is going to be considered "totaled" and I am debating about whether or not to get another car. I might try public transportation for a while. At least then I can spread the word about the zombie menace.


Anonymous e.M.s. said...

OHMYGOSH! Yiikes! How very, very scary! On the other hand, your injuries sound very... um... interesting. Can't wait for the photos... Remember the fight club days of college?

Should I have known then that it would someday come to fighting zombies and Mission Impossible driving antics?

I don't mean to make light of the situation (okay, I do...)... but did anything blow up?

I merged into a semi truck once. I think I might have been trying to drive under it, but was unfortunately not in a convertible. Guess that stunt requires more work.

Seriously, glad you're okay!!

5:35 PM  

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