Monday, February 05, 2007

Morbidity and buttons

Regarding the last post.
Reflections on death are not morbid, nor should it take a cannibalistic army of the undead to cause you to reflect on your death, and by extrapolation, your life. These are consequences of our existence which should not be taken for granted; not simply because the zombie menace may not rise during your lifetime, but simply because our existence should have purpose with or without the undead motivator.
I still need to do some more thinking on this topic because I can't make my words express my thoughts...

In an unrelated event, I've started wearing my button with the Zombie Defense logo (the severed arm crossed with the machete) in a more prominent location. This button, perhaps because of it's ambiguity, has proven to be a much better conversation starter than the "Ask me about the Zombie Menace" (which I've since removed). As a result, I've gotten to A.) Warn more people about the incoming zombie threat, and B.) Hear personal stories about several individuals encounters (be they real or cinematic) with the undead menace. I believe that this interaction with the community makes me a better zombie hunter because I've come to know the people I'm defending and also started to understand their specific fears. To quote Martha Stewart (who probably would be a good zombie hunter, what with her custom antiqued homemade machete), "it's a good thing".

I'm not telling you this to sell my buttons, but rather encourage everyone to get in touch with their community and help prepare them for the incoming threat (an action which needs no button). A unified group of people will stand strong against the zombie menace.


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