Monday, June 12, 2006

Zombie Stink

Thanks everyone who wishes me well! I am feeling much better and was able to practice Karate today. If anything, this incident has taught me the value of my health and well-being. It is much harder to run from the zombie menace on a bum leg. If I had actually broken my foot, it would have been even more problematic as the healing time would have been longer.
This incident highlights the value of First Aid... which brings me to the next item on my to-do list of zombie defense training: Basic Medical Training.
I figure this includes: CPR, treating shock, making a splint, stitches and the like. I will begin research on where I can learn this valuable information in a pre-apocalyptic state.

Finally, Zombie Topic of the Day: Zombie Smell.
If one should secure an area that is relatively free of the zombie menace (and therefore clear of conflicting odors), can an approaching zombie be detected through smell? Even though the rate of decay is slowed by the Solanum virus (Brooks,10-11), there is still some decay which should make the zombie odoriferous, to perhaps a seasoned veteran (or dog).
Perhaps this argument is moot since most humans have a more developed sense of hearing, which should be able to detect incoming moans. Still the smell of rotting flesh is pretty potent and should probably not be so quickly dismissed, especially in the case of the "silent but deadly" zombie, or if there is a lot of white noise in your secure location. Since I have yet to be exposed to an actual zombie (though this is a crucial part of my training), I do not know how much odor is a factor. Besides, a "fresh" zombie might not yet have a distinct odor (other than B.O.-which may be imperceptible when traveling with a group that hasn't showered in weeks). However, maybe the Solanum alters the chemical composition of the human body in such a way as to produce an odor. Max Brooks doesn't give any clues as to zombie smell, so any additional research available is definitely appreciated.

Advice of the Day: Even though humans do not rely on their sense of smell as a primary sense, zombies place more importance on it. A zombie can detect and seek out a living specimen through scent (Brooks, 7-8).


Anonymous Slash said...

I don't remember the name of it, but there is a plant that gives off an odor like rotting flesh. Perhaps one could train their nose to detect that odor by using the plant.

I am assuming the plant is easier to get than an actual decaying human.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Grand 'Poon said...

I have one of said plants. It is called a Voodoo Lily. Supposedly, it flowers every ten years and smells like rotting corpses.

I have had it only a year, and it hasn't flowered yet so I am not entirely sure if this is true.

12:38 PM  

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