Wednesday, June 14, 2006


As Slash pointed out in his last response, the biohazard component of the zombie invasion should never, ever be forgotten. CPR should only be performed with one of those bladder things they use on ER if there is any chance that the CPRee may have contracted, be carrying, or even splattered with any fluids/virus/arms that have the zombie contagion.

While the Solanum virus can only survive for an extremely short time without a host, it is nonetheless crucial that every reasonable effort be taken to avoid coming into contact with the virus. Using common sense and avoiding strange fluids, contact with the infected, eating in vicinity of the undead, and properly disposing of corpses (both dead and undead) should prevent and accidental zombie transference. Excessive measures would include wearing a Haz-mat suit, breathing from an oxygen tank, and so on, because these methods will impede movement and diminish peripheral vision, and make you into zombie fodder.

Advice of the Day: Take your vitamins! Even though they will do nothing in the face of the Solanum virus, it is important to be healthy with proper vitamin/mineral levels.


Anonymous Slash said...

All of which are reasons I'd rather stick with guns than with machetes. Too much icky stuff gets sprayed on you when you get close enough to chop someone with a big knife.

3:59 PM  

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