Friday, March 02, 2007

Zombies and Philosophy

I just received my copy of The Undead and Philosophy (note that I am purposefully neglecting the subtitle here). I haven't started reading it yet, but I'm hoping (and it seems possible from a quick perusal) that it will continue some, as for yet, unseen zombie insights. However, as interested as I am in the philosophical underpinnings of zombies in our culture, I am approaching this cautiously, for the following reasons:

1. Any philosophical approach to the zombie phenomenon will only provide further understanding of the human understanding of zombies. It will most likely not serve any practical function in the field. Thus it is potentially of less training value, than say, Guns and Ammo.
2. The authors/editors found it necessary to include vampires under the subject of "undead". Sure, vampires are undead, but they are also fictional, and of little use to the zombie hunter.
3. The subtitle is a major turnoff, implying that there is sympathy to be found for the undead masses, where there should be none.

Still, despite my reservations, I will try to give this a read, and glean any possible useful information regarding the impending zombie hordes.


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