Thursday, February 15, 2007

Man Vs. Wild

I found this show, Man Vs. Wild, on the Discovery Channel. The premise: this ex-military guy gets dropped into situations (such as "adandoned tourist") and he shows how to survive and conquer the wilderness. As someone with a necessary interest in survivalism, I found this show captivating. Basic skills that often evade us in our pre-apocalyptic lives, are shown in an instructive and practical manner. The episode I saw even showed how to start a fire with a stick and a piece of bark. I thought that was folklore! So here's to starting fires in my kitchen in an attempt to prepare for my post-apocalptic life on the move, in an undead urban landscape!

Advice of the Day: Buying one of those flint things that you scrape with a knife blade to create fire might not be a bad idea.


Blogger Ty said...

I have to think there will be a ton of those cheap plastic bic lighters laying around.

1:59 AM  

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